Spanish Oaks Retreat

8510 Whitfield Avenue

Savannah, GA, 31406

(912) 508-0915

Spanish Oaks Retreat is Savannah’s premier special-care facility for the Alzheimer’s resident.

Several factors were given priority during the development of Spanish Oaks Retreat, including provisions for a unique community vision.

Spanish Oaks Retreat is a 36-bed special-care facility designed for residents with Alzheimer’s and all forms of dementia, providing 24-hour care. Also, Spanish Oaks has its own private Hospice division that provides end-of-life care during the final stages of the illness.

Our monthly fee includes 24-hour care, three home-cooked meals per day, snacks, activities, and laundry. Only clothing, medications, toilet items, and diapers-if the individual has become incontinent-need to be provided by the family or caregiver. We provide transportation to and from the physician’s office at no additional charge as well as provide a registered nurse on-site. All rooms at Spanish Oaks are private with a full private bath. Each room comes fully furnished, including all linens as well as Cable TV. However, if you prefer, you may use your own personal furnishings and decorate the room to your liking. Also, Spanish Oaks requires no signed contracts or deposits. A day-care program is also provided for family members that offers flexible hours based on your needs.


Proper location was essential. Spanish Oaks Retreat has an all-natural setting, overlooking the salt marshes and Hayner’s Creek. While this site is rustic, it is easily accessible from all areas of Chatham County and is only minutes away from Savannah’s three major hospitals and international airport.


Spanish Oaks Retreat was designed with the Alzheimer resident in mind. Large dayrooms provide ample space for relaxing by the fireplace, entertaining family, or accommodating special events. Residents are permitted to walk freely throughout the facility, since pacing is a common event. An indoor greenhouse is a part of the large solarium area, and residents may participate in greenhouse activities under the supervision of the activities director. The solarium accommodates many events, including meetings, parties and entertainment, as well as Sunday services that are provided from pastors throughout the community.


Spanish Oaks Retreat offers daily planned activities. Upon admission, our activities director will interview each resident and/or family member to assess not only the resident’s ability, but his or her likes and dislikes. Residents are accepted at various stages of the illness, and activities may need to be individually tailored to meet their interest. Pet therapy is a favorite with the residents and is provided through local organizations and volunteers. Family members may also bring their own pets for a visit providing they meet specific guidelines. Many of our residents enjoy outdoor activities, from simple raking or sweeping to caring for the many flower gardens that encompass the manicured grounds. However, others may enjoy a stroll or choose to relax in a front porch rocker and enjoy the beautiful and natural environment. Also throughout the year, especially around the holidays, residents are entertained by local school groups, various church organizations, and many volunteers within the community. Whatever the choice, all indoor and outdoor activities are provided with supervision only, and family participation is welcomed.


Spanish Oaks Retreat’s centerpiece is a large central courtyard that allows residents to enjoy outdoor activities at their leisure without breach of security.


The design of Spanish Oaks Retreat focused largely on safety. The facility was designed with high-tech electronic security as well as fire protection in mind, and both are given the highest priority. Upon admission, family members are provided a security code that allows them to enter and exit the facility. The fire and security systems are both integrated and sophisticated. For the safety of our residents and staff, upon activation of the fire alarm system, all exit doors will automatically unlock for everyone’s safe exit from the facility.


The staff at Spanish Oaks Retreat is committed to providing quality care to the residents and aims to provide family outreach through support groups, family participation at special events, and actively participating in or sponsoring community programs.


  • Extended care with 24-hour service
  • Private rooms with full private baths
  • All rooms fully furnished including linens
  • Day care with flexible hours
  • Specialized trained staff
  • 24-hour registered nurse access
  • Cable TV provided
  • Free in-home assessments
  • Full beauty salon
  • High-tech electronic security
  • On-site laundry service
  • Planned activities
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Secured courtyard