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Our mission is to help people age successfully!

Help at Home

The mission of Senior Citizens, Inc. is to help people age successfully; and providing In-Home Support services is one of the many ways we accomplish that mission.

Often, seniors need just a little assistance with day-to-day tasks in order to stay in their homes, which is where they are most comfortable. Our compassionate in-home staff can help with daily home maintenance tasks like grocery shopping and light house keeping. Personal care services, such as general grooming or assistance with bathing, also fall under the umbrella of In-Home Support services. Helping an older person with meal preparation or doing a couple of loads of laundry can make a big difference for the person being helped, as well as lighten the load of worry for family members.

Gladis’s Story

Gladis learned first-hand how In-Home Support could help her remain independent. Arthritis and diminished vision prevented the usually fastidious Gladis from cleaning as well as she once did. With the help of our In-Home Support services twice a week for just a couple of hours a day, Gladis’s house now sparkles the way she likes it. Plus, her In-Home Support aide prepares a light lunch on days that she visits and provides Gladis with some much-needed companionship.

“This little bit of assistance helps me stay in my home,” says Gladis “Without In-Home Support, I’m afraid I would have to move to a nursing home or assisted living.”

We Are Here to Help

If you know your loved one is being looked after and interacting with caring safe individuals, it reduces stress and anxiety for you, the caregiver. Because of our agency’s programs, families can go on with their daily lives and responsibilities knowing that their loved one is receiving high quality, compassionate care.

All Senior Citizens, Inc. Certified Nursing Aides (CNAs) are required to pass stringent background checks and receive extensive training before being sent into a client’s home.

For more information on our In-Home Support Services, please contact Senior Citizens, Inc. at (912) 236-0363.