Hospice Savannah

1352 Eisenhower Drive

Savannah, GA, 31406

(912) 355-2289

Hospice Savannah, Inc. was born from the grassroots of the community in 1979

Celebrating 30 Years!

Hospice Savannah, Inc. was born from the grassroots of the community in 1979, entirely through the efforts of volunteers, including leadership from the Georgia Medical Society. No hospice in this region has more experience than the staff and volunteers of Hospice Savannah in providing comfort and care to those with incurable illness and support to their loved ones.

Our aim is to assist you in living as well as possible for as long as possible.  The original and only not-for-profit hospice in Savannah, no hospice in this region can provide more expertise in pain and symptom management. Not-for-profit means that shareholders are the members of our community, and that dividends take the form of educational programs, and grief and loss services for anyone, regardless of the nature of their loss.

More than 88% of the care provided by Hospice Savannah takes place in the patient’s home. Services are also available at Hospice House, Hospice Savannah’s new 28-bed in-patient facility, at hospitals, nursing homes, and other long-term care facilities. Hospice Savannah serves anyone regardless of age, race, religion or ability to pay.

Our Services

Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance covers Hospice Savannah care, but care is provided regardless of ability to pay. Hospice Savannah covers the cost of all or most aspects of treatment, including: 

· Medications and therapies provide comfort and independence.
· Music Therapy, Storykeeping, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Nutritional Counseling.
· Durable medical equipment to improve independence.
· Supplies and disposable paper products.
· Direct delivery of medications, therapies, equipment, and supplies to your home at no expense.
· Acute hospitalizations, emergency admission to Hospice House, or continuous care in the home for aggressive pain or symptom management.
· 24-hour On-Call availability of Hospice Savannah registered nurses and social workers.
· 5-day Respite stays in Hospice House.
· Follow-up bereavement care and counseling to loved ones.

Hospice care starts as soon as a formal request or referral is made by the patient’s doctor. In addition, patients or family members can ask their doctor to refer them to the hospice program of their choice. A Hospice Savannah representative will make an effort to visit the patient on the day the referral is made, providing the visit meets the needs and schedule of the patient and family/caregiver.