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There are may different Savannah Nursing Homes.  Each one has its own merits and should be considered in relation to the care needs of the individual.

The initial facilities that we're going to discuss today happen to be nearby our local hospitals and our local surgery centers. The first one that I want to talk about is the Savannah Rehabilitation Center, which is on 63rd Street right next to Memorial Hospital and just down the road from Candler Hospital. It's very easy to go in there and get a quick tour.

After you have visited Savannah Rehab, I suggest you go to Azalealand, which is a privately-owned skilled nursing facility just five minutes away. One of the things I like about Azalealand is that it is privately owned. It was created by Savannahians for Savannahians, and the same family still runs it. From my perspective, it's always great to have that kind of ownership and that kind of guidance in ensuring that a facility is doing the work it needs to, to maintain a high quality reputation.

After visiting Azalealand, the Riverview Health and Rehabilitation Center is just about six minutes away, down La Roche Avenue. It's one of Savannah's oldest nursing and rehab facilities, and it's definitely worth a look. After the Riverview Health and Rehab, I would go out actually to The Oaks at the Marshes of Skidaway Island. It's part of the Marshes of Skidaway Island continuing care retirement community. They have their own skilled nursing facility. I think they have 12 beds there. It definitely is a higher level. It's a very attractive building. They do accept patients from outside the Marshes, so it's something to consider.

So you've had your first day. You've toured those facilities. That's great. The second day I want to talk about the rehab facilities that are closer to St. Joseph's Hospital. The first one there I would go see is the Kindred facility on Abercorn. Kindred is a great national company. They do a lot of wonderful things for the Alzheimer's Association, and their rehab facilities are superb.

After visiting Kindred, I would head down to Savannah Square. A little known secret about Savannah Square is they actually have their own skilled nursing facility onsite. One of the things I like about that is the fact that they still have carpet on the rugs down there. It doesn't have that clinical feel of the tile floors. It's definitely a homey experience.

After Savannah Square, I would strongly encourage you to take a 15-minute drive to Bryan County Health and Rehab. It is in Richmond Hill, and it's run by a gentlemen by the name of Dana Stanfield who is an absolute first-rate administrator. He does great work there not only with the clients that are there that need care, but also making sure that his staff are in the right place at the right time and are doing the right things.

We focused initially, again, on those rehab facilities that are closer to the hospital and surgery centers here in Savannah. A few more to consider taking a look at...the Westview Rehab Center is actually in Port Wentworth. Definitely worth a look. The Place at Pooler of course is in Pooler, Georgia. Also worth considering especially if you live out in western Savannah. Those are definitely areas to look at because it's easier for you to go and visit.

The final place that I would recommend that you go take a look at is the NHC Bluffton on Okatie Highway. It is a brand new facility. It is the Ritz Carlton of skilled nursing and rehab facilities. It's absolutely exquisite. It's about a 15 minute drive from downtown Savannah. Again, it's definitely worth a look for all they're doing.

Now, as you're taking a look at all these facilities, and maybe there are others that you're looking at as well, I would definitely go to and take a look at each one's ratings and see how they're doing. That's a great overview. It's something to definitely consider as you're making your decision. The second thing I would do is I would actually talk with either your parents' primary care physician or the surgeon that is going to be doing the surgery and ask what their recommendations are, because a lot of them have long standing relationships with a lot of the rehab facilities here in the area. So definitely taking their perspective into consideration I think is a wise move.

As you're visiting these rehabilitation facilities, I want to encourage you to talk to the actual therapist or the head of the therapy departments. I want you to talk with them about what the regimen is going to be for your mother or father, how long they expect the rehab experience to last, what the best possible outcomes are going to be, what the worst possible outcomes could be, and then also what kind of support is your mother or father going to get once they get discharged and are home. That's a really important consideration, and you want to make sure that, again, those questions are answered.

Finally, no matter which skilled nursing facility you decide on, to me it's critical that you stay engaged and stay involved. You want to communicate regularly with the skilled nursing facility. You want to also be visiting. You want to be able to visit your mother and father and constantly see how they're progressing, communicate with the lead therapist, see how they're doing. It's been my experience that the more involved you are and the more engaged you are in the rehabilitation experience of your parents, the better that whole experience is going to be and the sooner they're going to be home, feeling better and getting back to normal. So anyway, I hope you find this overview of the Savannah rehabilitation facilities useful, and I wish you the best of luck in your search and I hope your mother or father feels better soon. Thank you so much.

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