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If you are looking for a Savannah Assisted Living facility for your loved one, The Eldercare Channel of Savannah, GA wants to help.  Eldercare Consultant John Reddan and The Savannah Eldercare Channel offer tips and information on this and many other important senior issues.  To the right, you will find that we have created a comprehensive directory of assisted living facilities located in our area so that you can easily call to find the right one for your needs.  Click here for a printable map to Savannah's assisted living and retirement communities.

Savannah Assisted Living: Day 1

On Day One of arriving here in Savannah, the first place that I would go visit is Summer Breeze on Wilmington Island. The drive itself is worth the trip. You go over the beautiful Wilmington River. You're able to see the Thunderbolt Bay Bridge, and you're able to see a really neat community on Wilmington Island that has a lot of different options from assisted living and memory care to independent living.

After Summer Breeze, you come back over the same bridge and that beautiful vista. I would suggest you first go to Habersham House. Habersham House is located on the corner of Habersham Street and Derenne. It's a wonderful community that has assisted living and memory care. You ought to be able to do a really nice, solid tour there in about an hour.

After visiting Habersham House, you can just go right down the street to Buckingham South to see Rita Slatus and the great building that she's got there. It literally is just about a five minute drive. This might be about lunchtime, and I would strongly suggest getting lunch at Buckingham South. They've always got a very interesting menu and some good food.

After visiting Buckingham South and getting your lunch, I would pop out to Marsh View Senior Living, and I would go see Tina and Jeff, two remarkable senior care professionals who have been running Marsh View for years and years. They have a wonderful approach. They're an excellent team, and they create an environment that is incredibly enviable, as far as assisted living is concerned. Marsh View also has a memory care facility as well, should your mother or father eventually need that.

All right. So you've finished the first day. I hope you go into town and you get some sleep.

Savannah Assisted Living: Day Two

The first place that I would go visit is John Wesley Villas. It's on Montgomery Crossroads. What's nice about this little set of communities that you're going to see is that you've got three pretty much right in a row. John Wesley Villas is privately owned. It has a number of wonderful buildings with rooms around a central courtyard, central space. Usually the owners are not too far away. They seem to be very present, and they do a nice job of running a good community.

After visiting John Wesley Villas, you can pop right down the street. It's not even half a mile to Savannah Square. Savannah Square is one of Savannah's oldest retirement communities. They actually offer the full spectrum of care from independent living and assisted living to skilled nursing care. They have a campus-like setting, and they've got a fine reputation in the area for delivering all different kinds of quality care across the spectrum of needs that parents may have.

After visiting Savannah Square, you want to pop right up the road. It's just about a mile and a half or two miles away to Savannah Commons. This is another wonderful assisted living facility here in the area. They've got one of my favorite memory care facilities. It's just a fabulous building. They also have an exceptional assisted living space as well. It's very clean and home-like with good-sized rooms. Again, it should be about lunchtime in your tour, so it would be a great time to get lunch there at Savannah Commons and talk to the staff and see what things are going on.

After lunch, I want you to take a ten minute drive to Richmond Hill to see Magnolia Manor. Magnolia Manor was built in the late '80s. It's a beautiful building on a lovely lake in a rural setting. The rooms are spacious. There's wonderful common space. They even have an indoor swimming pool that your mother and father can access for exercise.

After visiting Magnolia Manor, head back into town and think about all you've learned regarding senior communities in the Savannah area. I think you'll find that there really is something for everyone.

Select the Right Community

Now, as you're looking at the various options and you're going into each one of these communities, there are certain critical aspects that I think you need to consider.

First, the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff. Are they present? Are they upbeat? What are their interactions like with the residents? And the residents, what are their days like? Are they active and engaged? Do they look happy? That's really critical because that's pretty much the experience that you're going to be able to expect for your mom and dad.

The other thing that you need to look out for is cleanliness of the buildings themselves and of the rooms. People are hard on buildings, and assisted living buildings require a lot of upkeep and a lot of maintenance. You want to make sure it's being done because you want your parents to be in the nicest possible surroundings. So that's one. Then also making sure that it's as odor-free as possible. That can be a very telling sign about the attentiveness of staff if there are odors that you find unpleasant.

Questions to Ask Staff

Some of the questions you want to ask each of these communities are:

  • what levels of care do they offer? When do those levels of care kick in, and what are the price marks for those levels of care? Most of the assisted living facilities have a baseline of what you're paying per month, but then with every level of care that goes up, as far as your parents needs are concerned, the price goes up. Sometimes those prices can get on the high end, and you want to be well aware of that before deciding to sign the contract.
  • You also want to know what kind of support is going to be available for mom and dad as their needs increase. What are they doing? What kind of therapy? What kind of activities? What kind of attention is given to residents as their health needs continue to evolve? You also want to know the frequency of health checks?
  • How often is the staff checking your mother or father to see where their levels of need currently exist, and then what kind of reporting back you can expect? Is it weekly? Is it monthly? These are the things that you're going to want to know before deciding on the community that's going to be the best fit for mom and dad.

Resource: List of Top Savannah Assisted Living Communities

  • Summer Breeze on Wilmington Island
  • Habersham House
  • Buckingham South
  • Marsh View Senior Living
  • John Wesley Villas
  • Savannah Square
  • Savannah Commons
  • Magnolia Manor

After the Move-in

Once you've chosen the community and once mom and dad have moved in there, I want to encourage you to stay involved. I don't care how good a retirement community is, the experience that your mother and father are going to enjoy within the community is directly related to how engaged you are with both your parents and with the staff. Stay engaged. Even if you live out of town, you need to be doing constant checks, you need to be communicating with them, especially if you find they are not communicating with you as much as possible. Work with them to set up Skype visits. With technology these days, even if you're in California, you ought to be able to communicate very easily with your mother or father in Savannah, and they ought to be able to know that you're there supporting them.

I think what you'll find in your two days is that the retirement communities and assisted living facilities in Savannah really offer something for everyone. There's a range of different options, and the key is really finding that place that your mother and father are going to feel most connected to. As your parents are accompanying you on these visits, really gauge their comfort level, what they see, how they feel about that place. Lots of times parents aren't really excited about this transition in their lives.  We're not going to be excited when we've got to do it either, but at the same time these years can be really special. I often find a resurgence in seniors that we put into assisted living facilities because all of a sudden they've got wonderful peer groups, they've got activities, they're getting their medications on time. They've got a wonderful peer group that they can talk to. For some of them, it's almost like going to college, and that's the experience that I hope your mother and father enjoy. I hope you find the right community in Savannah, and I hope this two-day overview of where to go and how to do it proves useful to you as you select the community that's going to be the best fit for your mom or dad.

Good luck to you, and thank you for your time today.

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