Planning Ahead for Retirement Living

No one knows what tomorrow will bring. That’s why it’s smart to start planning ahead for retirement living.

Planning ahead can help make difficult decisions easier, expand lifestyle options and improve quality of life in the long run. “You need to make your plans now so that the decisions you make today benefit you and your loved ones in the future,” said Dave Kellogg, Executive Director at The Marshes of Skidaway Island, an upscale Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) located near The Landings. “Too often, people wait until the last minute to make critical decisions about retirement living.”

When it comes to retirement living options for seniors in Savannah, the emphasis is increasingly on enhancing quality of life. Barbara Feemster, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Marshes of Skidaway Island, believes that the active lifestyle at this resort-style community is the way of the future for retirement living. “It’s what people have demanded,” she said. “They want something that is more upscale and dynamic. They want a place where they can continue their lifestyle with the assurance that quality health care is right here. It offers incredible peace of mind.”

Planning ahead offers a number of important benefits. Making your retirement living plans now can:

Make your health care decisions easier.

Skilled nursing facilities at CCRC’s in Georgia require prior residency in an independent or assisted living residence on the campus. To obtain superior quality skilled nursing care, such as that available at The Oaks at The Marshes of Skidaway Island, you need to plan ahead to ensure that health care is available when you need it.

Allow you to take advantage of a range of lifestyle options.

Seniors who are in good health can enjoy independent living, which offers all the social and physical benefits of retirement living without the full responsibility of owning a home. Assisted living benefits individuals who need help with daily activities but want to maintain as much independence as possible. Memory care helps residents facing the challenges of dementia or Alzheimer’s, while licensed skilled nursing facilities offer short-term physical therapy and rehabilitation or long-term nursing care.

Free you up to enjoy world-class amenities.

Planning ahead provides the freedom to maximize your retirement living experience, so that you can take advantage of the outstanding amenities available at local retirement communities. For example, residents at The Marshes of Skidaway Island enjoy gourmet menu-style dining as well as exercise classes, a heated indoor swimming pool, greenhouse, putting green, walking paths, library, fitness center, a 27,000-square foot clubhouse known as the Island Club and much more.

Enable you to enjoy a wider range of housing options.

Making your retirement living plans now also affords a broader range of housing options, from cottages to apartment residences. Popular housing options often have waiting lists, but if you plan ahead, you’ll enjoy a wider array of choices.

Help you avoid long waiting lists.

Many area retirement communities have lengthy waiting lists. Don’t wait until you are in crisis, like after a stroke or once Alzheimer’s disease becomes debilitating. Make your decisions now so that you have the help you need when you need it.

Allow you to take advantage of the sense of community that retirement living provides.

A recent University of Florida study found that human interaction, like entertaining at home or taking day trips, leads to greater satisfaction with life as people age. Another study at the University of Michigan determined that living in a setting with organized activities and opportunities for social interaction helps seniors maintain their cognitive and communication skills.

The bottom line is that decisions about retirement living should be made sooner, rather than later. “There’s no substitute for good solid planning,” said Feemster. “Exercise your power to make important choices about your future. You’ll be glad you did.”