Savannah Assisted Living is Affordable!


The Surprising Affordability of Assisted Living in Savannah, Georgia

I meet with families all the time who want to have and enjoy all the wonderful services assisted living communities like mine provide, but believe there is no way they can afford to make their dreams a reality. Oftentimes, after I have shared with them what I am about to share with you, they realize that not only is life in an assisted living community surprisingly affordable, for many families, it is actually less expensive than their current living arrangements.

While costs vary from community to community, the basic daily fees for assisted living in Savannah in 2014  ranged from $67 to $117, or $24,455 to $42,705 annually. Most rates cover all services, but there can be additional charges for special services depending upon the community. Now at first glance, you might have some sticker shock, but if you look closely at everything an assisted living community provides for a single monthly fee and compare it with what you are currently spending on the many different expenses that make up your monthly budget, you may find yourself realizing that not only is assisted living affordable, it’s a great deal!

Affordability Comparison

Use the table to the right to compare what you are spending each month against all that is typically included in the monthly fee charged by most assisted living communities. While the table of expenses is by no means comprehensive, it can be a handy guide to help you remember expenditures that are part of your monthly living expenses.

One Fee Means Bill Free (Well…Almost)

Because so many of your monthly expenses are included in your one monthly fee, things like mortgage and property taxes are a thing of the past. Gone, too, are utility expenses like electricity, gas, basic cable, garbage pickup, and water. You can also stop worrying about chores like housekeeping, laundry, yard upkeep, and home maintenance, all of which take their physical, mental, and financial toll. Finally, most assisted living communities serve three meals a day plus snacks, which saves residents the time and effort of food preparation, and the expense and hassle of grocery shopping.

Additional Benefits: Safety, Wellness, and Fun

A medical alert system is included in the monthly cost of most assisted living communities, providing tremendous peace of mind for both the resident and the resident’s family. Community members also enjoy regular consultations with a nurse and free transportation around town, making shopping and doctor visits simple and safe. Last but not least, assisted living communities offer a vast array of enjoyable social activities each day that help keep residents active and engaged in community life.

Something to Think About

Assisted living may not be for everyone, but for those who would rather spend their time and energy enjoying life rather than spending their time and energy maintaining a household, life at an assisted living community may be the perfect move. And if that sounds like you or someone you know, do not let affordability stand in your way of learning more and exploring various senior care communities. You may find, like many of my residents have, that assisted living is a tremendously cost-effective way to vastly improve the quality of your life, or the quality of life of someone you love.